BLAST from the Past Week.....of January 8th 2018

BLAST from the Past Week.....


This is will be our weekly blog for what's new and upcoming here at our store.


Future Endeavors:


TMNT Playmates: We have a large amount of complete loose figures that we will be looking to make available this week. We also have several additional Factory Sealed MOC figures from the golden age of the Turtles

SNES Manuals: As you can see we have a very large inventory of Manuals we are currently sitting at 190+ listed in the store. We still have hundreds more. At this current time the manuals are showing a Zero Inventory on hand. This will be the current state of the manuals until we are able to scan all our stock photos. All the Manuals are currently in the process of being scanned. We will continue to update everyone weekly.

Pokémon: With all young kids and their fads my oldest has been on an adventure through the world of Pokémon. Over the next few months once our toys are all online well most of them. We will look to sell Pokémon cards as well

Dragonball Z: We have around 25+ loose Bandai mini figures from the late 80's we are currently in the process of uploading these products and should be available this week.



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