Dracula (Mego, Target)

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 The Mego Corporation is a toy company founded in 1954. Originally known as a purveyor of dime store toys, in 1971 the company shifted direction and became famous for producing licensed action figures(including the long-running "World's Greatest Super Heroes" line), celebrity dolls, and the Micronauts toy line. For a time in the 1970s, their line of 8-inch-scale action figures with interchangeable bodies became the industry standard. Resurrected in 2018 at the San Diago Comic Con Mego reintroduced a new generation of collectors to heir famous products with original vintage lines. 



  • Brand:   
  • Sub-Brand:  Monsters 
  • Series:  8 inch 
  • Character:  Dracula  
  • Manufacture:  MEGO Corp
  • Exclusive:  Target   
  • Released: 2018
  • Photo: Stock

NOTE: Please be aware that you will be receiving a random numbered Figure. 

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