Human Torch (Marvel Legends Retro, Hasbro) **Exclusive**



Bursting onto the seen in 1961 Marvel comics was a spawn of its predecessor Atlas & Timely comics. Creative geniuses Stan Lee & Jack Kirby would create a legacy for themselves and would open up the portal for a plethora of superheroes we would learn to love. Throughout the years marvel comics would become a licensing juggernaut producing everything from movies to TV shows! From Licensed kitchenware to apparel! From 3.75 action figures to life size statues. In a ever changing toy industry the Marvel License is one that is here to stay with constant innovation and memories for years to come. 


  • Brand: Marvel
  • Series: Retro  
  • Character: Translucent invisible girl 
  • Manufacture: Hasbro 
  • Released: 2022
  • Photo: Stock


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