Mermista (Mattel, She-Ra)

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 In the 1980s Mattel blew open history books with the introduction of He-Man. The appeal of Prince Adam and the power of greyskull captured a generation of young boys like no other. Leaving writters with an opportunity to seize the moment and capture the hearts of the young girls. From Eternia comes Adams twin sister  Princess Adora. Battling the Evil Hordak and his Evil Horde to regain the pride of Etheria. With her sword of protection Princess Adora transforms into She-Ra.


  • Brand: MOTU 
  • Sub-Brand: She-Ra    
  • Character:Mermista
  • Series: Princess Power   
  • Manufacture: Mattel 
  • Released: 1984-1988
  • Photo: Stock 


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