Super Swimmin Raphael (TMNT, Playmates)

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Born in Dover, New Hampshire in 1984 the TMNT was the adolescent brain child of Kevin Eastman. The TMNT have been around for over 4 decades and some believe to be one of the greatest Toy Lines to ever be produced.  From its initial start in between the binding of the comics to the silver screen. TMNT merchandise and Toys has and will forever be a staple to any 80s or 90s collector. Playmates and Mirage Studios who have been be the creator of the greatest toy line ever assemble has amassed hundreds upon thousands of Figures, Vehicles and many other Variations of our favorite Sewer friends.


  • Brand: TMNT  
  • Sub-Brand:     
  • Character:       
  • Series:    
  • Manufacture: Playmates
  • Year: 1998  
  • Photo: Stock 


NOTE:  The figures pictured are stock photos. You may or may not receive an item in this exact condition, but will NOT contain any excessive ware and tear or paint loss. 

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