Warner Brothers Socks (Bioworld, WB)

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Bioworld's licensed collections embody bold, daring design that redefine personal expression. Biowolrd is one of the most trusted partner in the Apparel industry, relied upon to bring its brands partners new success. With over 120 dedicated designers, Bioworld is one of the best in licensed apparel, sleepwear, headwear, bags and accessories designs  


  • Brand: Warner Brothers   
  • Sub-Brand:        
  • Character:         
  • Series:   5 pack    
  • Manufacture: BioWorld 
  • Year: 
  • Photo: Stock 

NOTE: Please note that these socks may run a tad small. I personally am a size 12 and I wear these. The socks come up 1/4 of your shin. 

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