1) How long is the handling time of products purchased?  All orders are shipped out on Thursdays & Saturday’s. Weekends and US federal Holidays do play a part in the shipping process and may cause some delays

 2) Do you combine all purchases that are made?  Yes, all products will be combined into one package. 

3) Do I have to pay taxes on all products?  Unfortunately we are a business, so we are unable to change the Customs form from Merchandise to Gift. Therefor you may or may not be required to pay taxes based on your Geographic location and local Government.

4) How often do you update the site with new products?  We currently update the site with new products several times a week. We also look to keep customers updated through our social media outlets on the latest items 

 5) Will I receive the exact item in the Photo?  If you notice in the description it states 'Photo'. There will be two options 'Stock' and 'Original'. Anything that states stock will be a generic photo and that item will be selected randomly. If the item you purchase states Original than you will receive the exact item in the picture.

 6) Do you Buy, Trade or Consign Products?  Yes, we currently buy & trade items. At this time we do not consign merchandise. Please feel free to reach out to us at info@Bitz-Buttons.com. At this time 

 7) How do we let you know about an error in your listing?  Please feel free to reach out to us through one of our Social Media Outlets or email. If by any chance there is a obvious pricing error we will not be honoring that price. For example, something listed at $1.95 that was intended to be sold at $11.95. 

 8) If I purchase a Pre-Order item when can I expect to receive that item?  We try our best to keep all our customers informed as to when we receive our shipments or when we receive ETA’s from the manufactures. We will always try to list the ETA in the listing based on what has been communicated to us. 

9) How long do I have to pay off my Pre-Order? All PO must be paid for 14 days after final invoice has been sent. All unpaid POs after the 14 day grace period will become will become Null and Void. All Unpaid PO’s will then be restocked for customers to purchase. All $5 deposits will then be forfeited due to nonpayment 

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