Product Condition

Please remember that product condition is subject to each individuals personal perception. Please bare in mind that our view of condition will differ from yours. Being an out of box collector vs boxed collector differs in so many ways. We will do our personal best to keep our listings as accurate as possible. Our original photos will display the actual product, but our Stock photo items will not. Stock Photo Items will never be shipping damaged, crushed or ripped, but may or may not be limited to the following:

  1. Box ware & Shelf ware may exist.  
  2. Corners may not be perfect and may or may not contain a blemish
  3. Clam Shells or Plastic may contain small marks 
  4. Cardboard may have marks on the package itself
  5. Funko POPs may be case fresh, but may contain blemishes on the box. If you are a box collector please ask before purchasing if its important to you

Please bare in mind just because something may be case fresh it may or may not mean it is mint. If something is an individual piece we will list its condition to the best of our knowledge. There may be times where something is listed as mint, so please take a look at the pictures.

Again this does not mean product is in bad condition, but it also does not mean it is mint. We just want to inform everyone that our perception may be different from yours. 


At anytime we will be updating this page 

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