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Astray (Gundam Infinity Series, Bandai) - Bitz & Buttons

Astray (Gundam Infinity Series, Bandai)


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On April 7th 1979 Yoshiyuki Tomino captivated audiences with a new genre in the anime world with the birth of Gundam! Being the leader in the Mecha Anime genre Gundam has been pumping out movies, TV shows and toys for well over 35 years. Not only has Gundam ushered in a new genre to the world of anime, but they have turned the Plastic Model World upside down with such a wide array of Products. Captivating a Japanese Culture similar to what America has seen with Star Wars, Gundam is a juggernaut of an entirely different fan base.


  • Brand: Gundam    
  • Character: Astray
  • Series: Infinity  
  • Manufacture: Bandai      
  • Released: 2021