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Ninja Pink Ranger (Power Rangers, Lightning Collection)


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Starting out in 1992 as an Adaptation of Japans series Super Sentai. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers began broadcasting across America as part of Fox’s Kidblock. Simply known as Saban’s MMPR  Saban took the franchise from an idea to something would not only be a staple in toy community amongst the youth, but a staple amongst generations. From Fox to Disney back to Fox and now across Nickelodeon the Power Ranger universe has seen so many adaptations form the Mighty Morphin to Dino Thunder. The rangers have always found a way to  Morph through through the past 3 decades.  



  • Brand: Power Rangers        
  • Character:          
  • Series:   Lightning Collection  
  • Manufacture:  Hasbro      
  • Released: 2023
  • Photo: Stock

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