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Shogun Godzilla’ (TOHO, Super7 ReAction) - Bitz & Buttons

Shogun Godzilla’ (TOHO, Super7 ReAction)


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Product Details:

  • Brand: ReAction
  • Series: Godzilla  
  • Character: Shogun Godzilla 
  • Manufacture:  Super7   
  • Released: 2020 
  • Photo: Stock




Product Description:

With a purposeful grimace and a terrible sound he pulls the spitting high tension wires down! The awesome Godzilla Shogun Figures 3 3/4-Inch ReAction Figure is lean, green, and mean - you can store it in the 6-inch by 9-inch cardback packaging, or you can pop him open to breathe radioactive fire on your desk. (It's plastic, so don't worry too much.) Ages 14 and up.