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Snake Alien (Kenner, Aliens) - Bitz & Buttons

Snake Alien (Kenner, Aliens)

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Founded in 1946 in Cincinnati, Ohio, by the Steiner brothers. Kenner become a household name in 1978 with the release of a unknown toy by the name of Star Wars which would end up catapulting the company into the mainstream. Throughout its history the Kenner brand produced several highly recognizable toys and merchandise lines including action figures like Aliens, Jurassic Park and Batman as well as Care Bears. The company was closed by its corporate parent Hasbro in 2000.


  • Brand: Aliens          
  • Character:   Snake Aliens      
  • Manufacture: Kenner   
  • Year
  • Series
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Notes: These particular figures were a warehouse find and came directly from the case. These are currently on display in our Store, so each item may or may not be limited to shelf ware. None of these items are discolored in any way nor are they crushed or creased. Either way you will be receiving a great quality item that can’t be found anywhere else.