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Tung Lashor (MOTU Origins, Mattel) - Bitz & Buttons

Tung Lashor (MOTU Origins, Mattel)

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In 1982 Mattel blew open history books with the introduction of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. By the power of Greyskull Prince Adam transforms into the mighty He-Man.  Throughout the many years defending the magic, myth and fantasy of Eternia with against Skelator and the Evil Horde has been a journey every-child is set to embark on. From the early 80s to 2020 Heman has lasted and Enternia as he and his heroic Warriors continue to fight evenly  


  • Brand:  He-Man & the Masters of the Universe
  • Series: Origins 
  • Character: Tung Lashor
  • Manufacture: Mattel 
  • Released: 2023
  • Photo: Stock 

NOTE: Some of these may or may not contain card blemishes such as dog ears, creases etc...(This is due to poor packaging from Mattel)