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Vintage Ice Castle “Ruler of the Universe” (Blackstar, Greco Galoob)


Production Condition Disclaimer

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  • Manufacture: Greco
  • Photo: Original

NOTE: This item was purchased second hand, so we are not the original owners. Please look at the photos carefully to identify anything you may deem as damage.

This item was recently picked up in Greece. This is the Greek version of the Blackstar Castle.The title translates to Rulers of the Universe rather than BLackstar. As you can see in the photos the castle itself is still very vibrant. The gargoyles are still pretty translucent green. The instructions and box show no indication of the bridge indicating that this was not part of the international version. 

On the American versions the Bridge/Balcony would attach to the back of the castle, but the shop owner informed the buyer that this particular version did not come with the bridge. You can also see on the back of the box that it is not included. The instructions also do not show any indication of the bridge. We were also told that the inserts was not something that came with this version either. All the Parts are there based on the instructions but there is 1 window sticker missing as you can see.